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question 1

Why do we use external stylesheets instead of inline or embedded styles?

Using external stylesheets is preferrable because they provide greater control over the styles applied to a web page. The ability to manipulate the format of entire web pages and nested tags is greatly simplified by using external stylesheets. Embedded or inline styles can be used if it is ever necessary to override an external stylesheet.

question 2

What is the difference between SSH and FTP and why do we use each?

SSH (Secure Shell) enables command line access to the shell, a program that controls operating system tasks using keyboard commands. SSH allows remote access via direct login to a server with a secure connection. SSH is used for tasks such as maintainence of network access and user permissions. It is also effective in the management of server directories and content, making it easy to apply broad changes.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used to transfer computer files between a client and a server. It is a standard protocol that is easy to use for editing files and moving content via a GUI interface with drag and drop capability.

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