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Question 1

Why do we use external stylesheets instead of inline or embedded styles? says "With an external style sheet, you can change the look of an entire website by changing just one file."

Question 2

What is the difference between SSH and FTP and why do we use each?

On, I found the following list of differences between FTP and SSH: 1) FTP is a file transfer protocol, while SSH is a network protocol. 2) FTP is inherently unsecure, while SSH is inherently secure. 3) FTP only allows the control of files, while SSH allows a wide variety of applications. This differnece tends to dictate when to use FTP and whent to use SSH.

CSS Choices

  • Month: September
  • Color: Maroon(#800000)
  • Navigation: CSS Tabs
  • Opacity on graphic
  • Border Radius on div
  • Drop Shadow on div