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CSS Choices

Question 1

Why do we use external stylesheets instead of inline or embedded styles?

An external style sheet allows for quick and easy changes to a web page. If formatting is done inline or embedded, a formatting change requires that the change be made at multiple points throughout the code. Missing even one can cause huge problems. CSS allows for all changes to be made easily in one place. Want to change the color of the font in a series of headers? Piece of cake. You can also change the style of the entire page by replacing the .css file. CSS also makes for prettier code.

Question 2

What is the difference between SSH and FTP and why do we use each?

The main difference between SSH (Secure Shell) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is that SSH is, well, secure. SSH allows you to securely log in to a server remotely and make changes directly on the server. FTP is not nearly as secure, but is much faster and seems to be more user friendly, from my point of view anyway. Even if you appear to be changing a file on a remote server while using FTP, I believe you are actually changing a locally cached file that is then uploaded to the server upon saving. Use SSH for secure coding and use FTP for easy/fast coding.